Posted on Mar 23, 2020

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Flex Watches: The Profit Updates in 2020

Childhood friends Trevor Jones and Travis Lubinsky started a unique watch business in Los Angeles in 2010. The concept consisted of donating 10 percent of their profits to 10 different charities from the sale of 10 different colors of watches. Despite entering a crowded and competitive watch industry, Flex Watches generated over $1 million in sales by their third year in business, which also meant their charities were seeing significant donations to help their causes.

Their second iteration of the Flex Watch included interchangeable watch faces, which allowed for upsell but diverted from the original charity element. Sales plummeted and revenue was in a free fall. The two owners looked to Marcus Lemonis and The Profit to see they if their watch business was flexible enough for a rebound.

Marcus had been looking for accessories to expand his successful fashion brands. The biggest draw for him to Flex Watches was the charitable element, which he saw as a way to make a profit and a real difference in peoples’ lives.
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